Frequently Asked Questions

Why the unicorn logo?

It’s actually a "unicone" and it represents our fun, attitude don't take yourself too seriously attitude. After all, dessert should be fun and make you happy!

Where did the name "SorBabes" come from?

We were nicknamed the SorBabes as we made our sorbet during the red-eye shift at a small Brooklyn creamery and it just stuck. What better name for ladies making sorbet?!

What makes SorBabes unique?

SorBabes has broken the rules of sorbet and added a rich indulgence factor to this centuries old dessert. Still authentically dairy free, SorBabes is crafting sorbets with nut butters (unheard of!) to make sorbet as rich as ice cream and mixing in toppings to our fruit flavors like chocolate chunks and jammy swirls (texture in fruit sorbet??!!). And while other dairy-free frozen desserts use a dairy alternative such as coconut milk, soy milk or almond milk as their “base”. SorBabes uses only water and whole food ingredients, such as real fruit or nut butters. This keeps the flavors pure and as true to nature as possible, yet still yields a rich and creamy texture.

What are the nut flavors made of that makes them creamy like ice cream?

Our nut flavors start from creamy nut butters, rather than a nut milk, and this is what gives SorBabes nut butter sorbets their rich, ice cream-like consistency.

How is sorbet different from ice cream, and what makes it lower in fat?

The key difference between sorbet and ice cream is that sorbets do not contain dairy. Ice cream begins with a dairy (cream) base, while SorBabes begins with water and mixes in real fruit or nut butters for its base. In SorBabes nut-butter sorbets, the fat comes from nuts, as opposed to dairy in ice cream.

What are Guar Gum and Xanthan Gum?

Guar Gum, Xanthan Gum are ingredients that help control ice crystal formulation during freezing. This allows our sorbets to have a rich, creamy texture. Without them the product would freeze solid like an ice cube.

Why do we use plastic packaging?

We know that our consumers like to see what they are purchasing, and we like that our plastic pints are 100% recyclable unlike many wax coated paper products. Please recycle or reuse – they make great snack containers

Is SorBabes gluten-free?

The ingredients SorBabes uses have been verified gluten-free. In addition, the facility that manufactures our products follows strict standards and rigorous sanitation procedures that allow us to label as gluten-free.

How does SorBabes label for allergens?

It is important to us that consumers have a clear understanding of the ingredients in the products they purchase, in order to know that it meets their dietary needs. Our on-package label identifies ingredients used in the product and we encourage our consumers to read the label as they make their purchasing decisions. We follow all government regulations related to allergen labeling. There are peanuts and tree nuts used in the facility where SorBabes products are made, and the facility does not have production lines that are dedicated solely to allergen or non-allergen containing products. However, the manufacturing facility is Safe Quality Foods (SQF) certified and has strict programs in place to sanitize product lines following each product run and prevent cross contamination. We understand the importance of allergen control, and strive to ensure that we provide our consumers with a safe food product.

How is SorBabes sweetened?

We strive for balance and did not lower our sugar to a level where taste or texture was compromised. Which is why we still use non-GMO cane sugar in our sweetner blend along with Erythritol, and Stevia Leaf Extract. We use Reb M Stevia vs Reb A which many find doesn’'t have that unpleasent aftertaste.

Are your products Vegan?

We work with all SorBabes suppliers to confirm that all ingredients are Vegan (not made with the aid of any animal products).

Is your product made with GMO free ingredients?

We know that some of our customers are avoiding genetically engineered foods. We work with our suppliers to purchase ingredients that have not been produced with modern genetic engineering.

Is SorBabes Healthy?

SorBabes delivers a dessert option with clean ingredients, bold flavor and a balance of sweetness. We like to say SorBabes is a dessert, not a health food. Depending on one's dietary needs, SorBabes can be a smart alternative to ice cream, gelato or frozen yogurt.

How is sorbet different from sherbet?

Sorbet is defined as a water-based frozen dessert, traditionally made with fruit or juice. Sherbet is made with milk and because of its name is often confused with sorbet.